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Almost everyday, I read someone saying “why would someone still use [a suposedly abandoned] IE when he could indeed use a [supposedly better] Firebird ?”.

Hold on guys… you know brainwashing may not be the best way to evangelize, right? … and could we at least try to sound a little less naïve? :crazy:

I’ll tell you why: because, as of today, Firebird is just a prototype, far from offering the usage comfort IE does! :(

Firebird may be good at respecting web standards… nevertheless pretty poor at respecting windows standards. And the sad thing is, the average user reacts to that! Even unconsciously!

For example: while Windows menus look “outset” by default, Firebirds menus look “inset”; toolbars cannot be moved (I’d like to have those links in that wide empty space right to the menu); the windows resizing handle is invisible; etc… globally Firebird really doesn’t fit into the OS it tries to conquer…

Add all those annoying details like the ALT texts not being displayed (even when no TITLE is specified) or the insertion point not being blinking whenever there happens to be an animated GIF on the page… and you’ll probably understand why Firebird just doesn’t feel natural to plain Windows users. (Not mentionning incompatible javascripts…)

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that IE is the best browser. As a developer, I favor Mozilla… but as an end user, I definitely favor IE! By the way, as an end-user, I really don’t need to open 30 pages simultaneously that often… thus, not even needing tabbed browsing that much… ;D

(Once again, don’t get me wrong: I think Firebird has a great future and can’t wait to see if the next versions get better on these flaws… but it just isn’t ready to seduce the Windows world yet!)

Comments from long ago:

Firebird, bleh |-| [fr]Update: [English version]

Ici et là, je lis sans cesse des réflexions du type “pourquoi continuer à utiliser un [soit disant abandonné] IE alors que vous pourriez utiliser un [soit disant génialissime] Firebird ?”.

Bon les gars… déjà que l’évan…

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